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Propulsion system for Voith Water Tractor
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The Vegadrive is supplied as a complete, integrated, guaranteed system. Its main components are the Voith- Schneider propeller, the Yanmar engine, the FFS firefighting system, all shafts and bearings, pumps, coolers, controls, monitoring and alarms.

All elements inter-connecting the driveline components are included, down to nuts and bolts.

The package typically includes:
» General arrangement, hull lines, skeg and propeller guard design.
» Bollard pull and speed prediction.
» Technical support throughout the project, including shipbuilding issues.
» On-site blade erection, start-up and commissioning by factory authorized technicians, inclusive of travel and accommodation expenses.
» Classification society certification for all required components.
» Attendance of factory testing by client delegates.
Aditional options:
» Complete tug design, including workshop drawings (see our Vegatug brochure).
» Completely Knocked Down kit (CKD), including cut and marked steel plates, auxilary machinery, systems, etc. (see VegaPack brochure)
» Propeller guard, fully assembled and welded.
» Training

Vegadrive Sizes
Vegadrive systems for tugs are available in bollard pull range 20 to 100 tons and engine power 700 to 3300 kW.

Smaller Vegadrive units for ferries, floating cranes, buoy layers and other special craft are available with high speed Yanmar and Scania engines.

Vegadrive models are defined by three figures, for example : Vegadrive 28-234-1920kW where the first number is the blade orbit (2800 mm), the second is the blade length (2340 mm), and the third is the engine power in kW.


Risk Free
With the Vegadrive there are no forgotten items, hidden costs, additional charges, and no costly engineering mistakes or oversights.

The Vegadrive is all inclusive, and will cost you a known, fixed price.

It is designed to exceed the contractual performance, protecting your shipyard from penalties.

12 x VD 28-210-1920 kW
2 x VD 28-234-1920 kW Bollard pull: 50-58 tons

20 x VD 32-200-1471 kW
Bollard pull: 40-45 t
Client: SEAPA, SCA

16 x VD 26-165 882 kW
Bollard pull: 25-28 t

Over 50 Voith Water Tractors have been equipped with Vegadrives since 1978. Most are still working hard for their owners.

This is the largest Voith-Schneider reference list of any supplier. Our experience is technical of course but also commercial, financial and logistical. In 40 years we have dealt with wars, embargoes, devaluations, banking crises, cancellations, take-overs, and more. We have learned enough to prevent most problems. For those problems that could not be averted, we are your solid, experienced, fair partner, always ready to find solutions.

The Voith Water Tractor is the best available technology for ship handling.

To get the most out of it, we can provide on-site nautical training by experienced VWT tugmasters. Simulator training is also available.

Engineers and technicians can benefit from factory training at Voith in Germany and at Yanmar in Japan. This is often coupled with attendance of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of your own Vegadrive components.

Visiting the factory is always useful. It allows better understanding of the machinery and useful contacts with those in charge of after sales, service and parts at the manufacturer.

Founded in 1867, Voith is today the largest familyowned company in Germany. The Voith-Schneider propeller is universally recognized for its reliability, extreme longevity, and superlative maneuvering.

Founded in 1912, Yanmar Diesel is a family owned Japanese company that employs 15,000 people today. The Yanmar engine is powerful, reliable, durable, simple, fuel efficient and economical.

Based in Norway, FFS is the market leader in marine fire fighting systems. The FFS pump unit integrates clutch, gearbox and pump in a single compact reliable and self alining unit.

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